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Why We Are The Best Waterproofing Company

Titus Pereira founder of wet2dry Solutions Pvt Ltd was born and brought up in Southern India, a common trend of planting coconut trees and having watering systems in houses, in the region gave boost to the plumbing services. Many engineers in his village worked in the chemical factory in different sections of Travancore Titanium Products LTD. where Mr. Pereira worked for 3 years, which also included a large number of plumbers and other fields like Welding / Mechanical/Motor winding . so on worked in a factory as an helper from quite a young age . While on one side, he was working to expand his organisation, his intrests was developed in technical areas and simultaneuosly completed his High School.

Titus Pereira


This got him a job in the Gulf based organisation in its MEP ( Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing division ) He stayed in the Gulf for 10 years working in various positions in the field. After an year, he returned to India and set up a firm called “ Everyday, Every Maintenance” under which he started taking work in different fields like Electrical, Plumbing, Motor winding, Fabication, Mr Pereira had gained a vast knowledge & experience in many fields in Motor Winding / Plumbing / Fabication / FRP Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics/Carpentry/Electrical for domestic needs. Which helped him in establishing Hi-Tech Professional Maintanance Pune (PCMC) Pimpri-Chinchwad 2009. He also worked for 2 years at VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre ) is a major space research centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation, focusing on rocket and space vehicles for India's satellite programme. It is located in Thiruvananthapuram Thumba, later also worked as an fabricator in ETC English Indian Clays Limited for 2 years, His observant and curious nature brought him to an aim, when he decided to explore more possibilities in the area of plumbing and decided to take a professional education in the same filed.

His Approach In Quality Assurance

Mr. Titus Pereira had a unique way of working, because of his interest in the field and his tendancy to give his best to gain customers satisfaction, he monitored every plumbing and sanitation activity that was carried out by his people. While watching projectes in exectuion, his vigilant eyes gave him oppertunities to indentify specific house challenges like seepage, leakage, wall dampness and wall paint peelout. he set out to find a unified solution for all these issues for which he spent years doing reserch. The result was by discovering the method of water- tightening as an eventual solution for his clients. The word of mouth spread in the field of plumbing and soon it became his core.

There was a need to modify his business name to suit the positioning that made the business strong. The name of the company was changed to “Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” In 2012 which gave further boost to the company which started to grow fast domestically & waterproofing in Pune ( PCMC ) covering areas in and around Pimpri-chinchwad, Wakad, PimpleSaudagar, Hinjewadi, later on expanded all over Pune PMC (Pune Muncipal Corporation), Wanorie,Baner,Koregaon Park, Whagoli,by now Wet2Dry solutions Pvt Ltd was functioning online and the response was positive both in receiving daily enquiry calls and 100% satisfaction of customers after the work was done. While on one side, the skilled plumbers / tile masons /helpers working for him were delivering best services to the clients, on the other side, Mr. Pereira was continuing with his research and experiments. His research skills, knowledge of technology and long years of experience gave rise to new ideas and inventions.

A new concept of water tightening emerged that worked at the core of the problems identified by Mr. Pereira. As an outcome of scientific experiments done by Mr. Pereira, the company launched two new technology products - Hot Air Drier and Impactor and chemical used Dr.Fixit /Fosroc/Sika/MYK Schomburg. Looking at the work ladder leading us to best services for our valuble customers, Mr.Pereira planned of expanding the services after 1 year in (Navi Mumbai) Bombay, CBD Belapur, Airoli, Vashi, Nerul. Mumbai being a Metropolitan was a challange intially, but managed to set up a office in Navi Mumbai along with his team of skilled employees. This could be only possible as Mr. Pereira knew to convert his dreams into reality along with his wife Mrs. Tinu Titus Pereira who also supported him equally and managed to spread the service Bengaluru, covered societies near WhiteFiled / Electronic City etc.

Mr. Pereira is now looking foward to contribute in his own way, by educating his workers and is providing special trainning programmes in its Training Center for the company staff and tenicians so that they are confident about their skills and implement them in their daily tasks and new challenges they face in solving internal sanitary seepage/waterproofing/wall dampness /paintpeel out, in different work areas.

Wet2Dry solutions Pvt. Ltd. today stands as a pioneer in the field of water tightening and provides latest technological solutions for plumbing and other house improvement needs.


Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance, we believe in training people who come from various states/ cultures /unschooled /untrained, in search of employment and come with high hopes to earn their living to support their family, it gives our company an oppertuinity to help them learn and earn. We believe that if we start from the ground level we are bound to make a big change.We believe in new ways and techniquies to deliver 100% results.

Our Training Center Which Includes

  • Demo Kitchen / Kitchen Sink area

  • Bathroom structure

  • Washbasin assembly

  • Wall Mounted W/C ( water closet)

  • Floor Mounted W/C

  • IWC ( Indian W/C)

  • Toilet

  • How does cappilary reaction take place in walls

A demo section created, which is simple to explain and also beneficial for our trainees, clients and customers /Architecture students who are persuing their studies in the field of an interior decorator or civil.

Why Choose Us?


Best Waterproofing Quality.

Leakfoe is one of the best waterproofing contractors in HYDERABAD, BENGALURU MUMBAI AND DELHI that goes traditional wall waterproofing to give our customers protection from water leakage and wall seepage through a Professional home inspection and water tightening process. The company has an experience of over 25 years in providing waterproofing services. We also bring you unique technological solutions to cater to your house protection needs like Thermal Imaging Camera, Temperature Sensor, Walabot (Look Inside Your Walls), Impactor (Remove accumulate water from the floor), and Quick Wall Dryer.

Waterproofing With Home Inspection.

Leakfoe has a unique waterproofing method called the water tightening process. Where we first conduct a home inspection and then prepare a professional survey report. The professional report helps us work on the root cause that causes wall dampness, calling leakage, seepage, etc. This is a different approach in the waterproofing sector this helps us to avoid blind assumption and work on the root cause that is causing wall dampness, calling leakage, seepage, etc.

Waterproofing With +3 Year Warranty.

With over 25 years of experience, we have solved all sort of seepage and wall dampness that is causing waterproofing issue. We are the trusted choice for all of our customers' when coming to waterproofing needs and home inspection. The main aim when comes to treating wall dampness, ceiling leakage, seepage, etc is to find the cause not to block it blindly which destroys the structure of the building completely from inside. There we conduct a professional home inspection in HYDERABAD, BENGALURU MUMBAI AND DELHI which gives full proof of why wall dampness, ceiling leakage, seepage, etc takes place. So when we give our customer warranty we give it with full confidence.

Trained Waterproofing Team

When it comes to Metrowaterproofing Solution's team we boast about our well-trained team and their experience in waterproofing and home inspection. We have talented people working with us who help us to deliver quality waterproofing and home inspection services to our customers. We train our team members for two months before sending them to sites. We teach them the basics of how to behave with their customers in sites to how to perform a complicated work scenario in waterproofing.

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About Us

Leakfoe is one of the professional home inspection and waterproofing company in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi.


  • Wall Dampness
  • Terace Waterproofing
  • Home Inspection
  • Paint Peal Off
  • Celling Leakage
  • Tank Waterproofing

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