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New construction foundation waterproofing

The act of keeping water from entering a basement from the outside is known as foundation waterproofing. It entails constructing a system capable of preventing water infiltration into the structure and dealing correctly with hydrostatic pressure. You must have a waterproofing system in place that keeps water away from your walls while also allowing any water to drain securely. There are several foundation waterproofing alternatives available, each with its own set of technologies and accompanying materials. To guarantee comprehensive protection and satisfy insurance providers, you must combine two waterproofing procedures.

There are four methods for keeping water out of the basement.

Waterproofing a foundation is the act of preventing water incursion, ranging from minor seepage to floods when the earth becomes oversaturated. There are various ways and products for waterproofing a foundation, each with solid supporters. Like many other home improvement projects, Foundation water issues are rarely remedied with a single product or remedy. Basement Systems' contractors specialize in constructing waterproofing systems to meet the specific demands as specialists in waterproofing and moisture management.


Dampproofing is frequently misunderstood as a form of foundation waterproofing. When constructing a house, a waterproof coating is commonly used to keep soil moisture out. This method prevents water from entering the basement during construction through gaps, fractures, and holes. Basement waterproofing should keep both dampness and water out. Dampproofing is a coating that is generally asphalt-based and is sprayed or brushed onto the foundation walls. Building rules require dampproofing in several states. Waterproof coatings have various disadvantages, including the difficulty of covering big cracks or holes and the possibility of damage caused by abrasive or incorrectly fitted backfill.

Waterproofing paints and primers

Waterproofing paint is a popular DIY waterproofing option. The majority of waterproofing paint is a thicker type of acrylic paint that you would use to paint the walls of any other room in your house. Water seepage via cracks or porous concrete will not be stopped by applying waterproofing paint to the interior of your basement walls. Bubbles can ultimately develop under the color, causing it to peel away from the wall. The paint can also trap humidity within the foundation wall, adding to larger, more costly problems. Waterproofing paint is sometimes seen as a cosmetic remedy and will not function if the cause of the water problem is not addressed.

Exterior drainage systems

Digging down to the foundation footer to construct or repair drainage pipes, often known as a French drain system, is required for exterior foundation waterproofing. To avoid water penetration, a waterproof membrane is sometimes put to the exterior of the foundation wall. Because of the excavation, exterior foundation waterproofing is more costly than other options. Another disadvantage is that landscaping, porches, and driveways will be disrupted. Even when placed appropriately, French drains can be crushed during the backfill operation and frequently choke with silt and plant roots.

Interior drainage systems

The least invasive technique of foundation waterproofing is one based on internal drainage. An internal waterproofing system successfully resolves hydrostatic pressure forces, which is the pressure exerted by groundwater on the basement walls. The concrete floor's inside the perimeter is jackhammered, and drainage piping is added to route water entering the basement is connected to a sump pump system, which actively drains the water. A backup battery-powered sump pump is frequently advised to avoid basement flooding during a power outage. A clog-free internal waterproofing system that intercepts groundwater before it reaches the basement floor and directs it to a sump pump

Systems for waterproofing foundations

Waterproofing solutions for foundations are intended to provide total protection against water incursion. The finest external foundation waterproofing solutions incorporate a primary and secondary waterproofing layer, as well as an initial priming stage. The waterproofing methodology employed is determined by the system and goods used; we will walk you through the PermaSEAL foundation waterproofing system.

What is the significance of foundation waterproofing?

Foundation waterproofing is crucial because it protects any below-ground building from water incursion and may provide Radon protection with the correct solutions. By keeping water and ground gases from entering a property, you reduce the danger of substantial damage to items while also protecting residents' health. It is especially crucial for houses in flood-prone locations or with high water tables. Earth-retaining buildings must also be covered by at least two waterproofing systems, according to BS: 8102. These are some examples:

  • First barrier protection Tanking can be internal or external.
  • Second The process of waterproofing (constructing your foundation walls from waterproof concrete)
  • Third Drained defense (internal cavity drainage system)

If your foundation walls are not made of waterproof concrete, BS8102: 2009 requires installing an exterior foundation waterproofing system. It is critical to complete the foundation waterproofing correctly and to guarantee that it is treated with the respect it deserves through the construction process.

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