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No.1 Waterproofing Services in Mumbai

Leakfoe is a team of waterproofing specialists working to provide the best waterproofing services in Mumbai. We have branches all over India we stick to no franchise policy which helps us in providing quality waterproofing services.

We started providing our professional waterproofing services back in 2012. Since then we are an excellent choice for someone searching for waterproofing contractors in Mumbai.

From day one of providing waterproofing services in Mumbai, we have noticed that most of the buildings in Mumbai was lacking bathroom waterproofing. Homeowners don't realize the harm that a pressure grouting procedure or breaking an interior in the house cause damages to their building structure.

We as the best waterproofing company in Mumbai, don't try converting all our calls into a client. We educate them about the drawbacks of chemical waterproofing, pressure grouting waterproofing, roof crack filler etc. We make them completely understand how long a waterproofing process may last, and if it is worth it.

Kindly Note: Waterproofing works are not always the solution for your underground tank leakage, cement water tank leakage solution, leakage through metal sheets etc. For example, concrete water tank waterproofing is a job that comes under masonry.


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About Waterproofing Company In Mumbai.

Our professional waterproofing team provides all waterproofing services including:

Wall Dampness

Terace Waterproofing

Home Inspection

Bathroom Waterproofing

Celling Leakage

Tank Waterproofing

In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

Quality Waterproofing Services In Mumbai.

Free Waterproofing Councultancy.

Guranteed Work.

Waterproofing With Proof.

Professional Thermography Report.

Anual Thermography Suuvey After Work Done.

Leakfoe Provides 3 Years Plus Waranty For The Professional Waterproofing Work Done In Mumbai.

Our Mumbai Waterproofing Services

Bathroom waterproofing services in Mumbai.

Bathroom Waterproofing Services In Mumbai

Bathroom leakages are some of the worst nightmares. When a bathroom leaks nobody is sure which part of the bathroom is leaking. We make clear to you that pressure grouting or waterproofing bathroom walls won't work to stop water leakages from the bathroom.

Either just doing the bathroom tiles leakage solution won't work. There are 100 reasons that can cause water leakage so the answer to this is to get a professional thermography survey done.This survey helps us in detecting all the root cause in the bathroom. Toilet waterproofing procedures are complicated and must be done by professionals.

Internal waterproofing services in Mumbai.

Internal Waterproofing Services In Mumbai

Internal waterproofing is what we are specialized in. From wall leakage, wall paint peels off or wall fungal etc these are the symptoms that your house is facing an internal water leakage. We are known as the experts in internal waterproofing services is because our technical team detect it and rectify it. The process done by normal waterproofing contractors in Mumbai is to create a diversion for the leaking water.

This process is not at all recommended by us to solve water leakage from wall solution because the internal leakage is not yet solved the water from where it used to leak is still leaking. This process makes no sense. What should be done is to detect the root cause stop the water leakage. It is a permanent waterproofing solution too.

Terrace waterproofing services in Mumbai.

Terrace waterproofing services in Mumbai

Our terrace leakage solutions promise 10 years of a leak-free terrace. And we never encourage our customers in doing patchwork this is a 100% temporary solution.

The best waterproofing solution for the terrace is to completely coat the terrace are with MasterSeal, Krytonite or a Dr Fixit LEC. While coating the terrace we make sure crack filling is done on the parapet wall too. Most often terrace leakage is also caused due to cracks preset on parapet walls.

Kitchen waterproofing services in Mumbai.

Kitchen waterproofing services in Mumbai

One of the major issues in Mumbai is the plumbing done in some or most buildings. All the kitchen outlets are directly connected to the main drainage pipes. This leads to a false smell flowing directly through the sink of a kitchen.

The other problem with this is rodents can get into the pipes and can damage the pipes of the kitchen outlets. There is a high possibility that this is happening right now in your kitchen. Water leakage in wall can sometimes be traced back to the kitchen leakage.

Wall dampness treatment services in Mumbai.

Wall dampness treatment services in Mumbai

Many times wall dampness can be caused due to wall cracks present on the exterior part of the wall. This type of water leak in wall can be repaired by using exterior wall crack filler and wall crack seal. Leakfoe does not undertake external wall waterproofing.

But wall dampness can also be caused due by poor bathroom leakage repair, rain leakage, kitchen leakage etc. But treating it without understanding the root cause won't work. Not us but other waterproofing experts in Mumbai suggest the same.

Balcony waterproofing services in Mumbai.

Balcony waterproofing services in Mumbai

The pressure grouting process won't work for balcony waterproofing. Balcony leakage is caused mostly due to water leaking through gaps of tiles during heavy rains. The normal grouting process of tiles works the best for balcony waterproofing.

Balcony water leakage can also cause wall leakage issues. And we have the best-trained grouting technicians in Mumbai. You may also face balcony leakage if you have potted plants on your balcony.

Ceiling waterproofing services in Mumbai.

Ceiling waterproofing services in Mumbai

It is unhygienic to have a wet or a leaking ceiling. Doing pressure grouting on the ceiling won't help solve the problem. To get permanently get rid of the problem we should find out what is causing the water leakage from the top floor.

If the above floor is a living area a proper diagonalization of the floor should be done and the leakage should be rectified. And if the above floor is a terrace or a roof action against those problems should be taken immediately.

Having a leaking ceiling that too with heavy POP work should be taken seriously. If the pop gets wet there are higher chances these POP pieces can fall. Our Ceiling waterproofing lasts for more than 8 years.

Why Leakfoe is the best waterproofing contractor near you?

We have provided waterproofing services in Mumbai, for now, for more than 7 years. In these 7 years, we have an understanding of how most of the homes in Mumbai is built and the common errors made during the construction of the building and home.

When we fix a leakage we make sure our client doesn't have to call another waterproofing contractor in Mumbai to look into their problem again. Our process is a proven waterproofing process. There is evidence for each step that we follow during the process of execution.

Waterproofing products and waterproofing chemicals just play 40% of the role in the waterproofing process, the rest is in the hands of the technical team. And we have a trained waterproofing team that you will never find in Mumbai who has worked for at least 6 years with us. With each waterproofing work and water, tightening process our team's skill and the experience gets better and better.

We provide the data that we collected during our home inspection and data after 90days of our waterproofing process. Which proves if the water is still leaking or not. We provide our waterproofing services with a reasonable waterproofing rate in Mumbai.

Proven waterproofing method. Trusted by 7000+ customers from all over India.

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Waterproofing Services Related Queries (FAQ)

How long does waterproofing take?

The average time it takes to waterproof a structure will vary, depending on the type of waterproofing, the area to be waterproofed, and the contractor in question. Before beginning the work, it is recommended that you request for an estimate from water proofing contractors in Pune.

Do you charge extra for site visits in Mumbai?

Most waterproofing contractors in Mumbai don't. But we charge a minimal charge because unlike other waterproofing contractors we conduct a thermography leak detection to find out the root cause of the water leakage that is happening in Mumbai homes.

Where will you survey if my ceiling is leaking? The above floor or in my house?

The survey will be conducted on the above floor if you are facing dampness on the ceiling. If you are facing dampness on the skirting level the survey will be conducted in your flat/home.

What if the leakage reappears again after some days of the waterproofing service you provided me?

Once we conduct the waterproofing work, the leakage won't happen again, but in some kind of scenario if the leakage reappears we are just one call away from you.

Do you subcontract the waterproofing work?

No, we do not subcontract any of our work, we are 100% in house.

Will you paint my home once the waterproofing work is done and the affected area is dried?

Yes, we do provide painting services once the affected area is dried.

Will you remove the tiles during the waterproofing process?

There will be no huge amount of damages. But yes we will remove 2-3 tiles but similar tiles will be provided. There will be no huge amount of damages.

What is the difference between other waterproofing contractors in Mumbai and you?

One of the big differences is none of our workers is hired daily. Our technicians and helpers are given a permanent job that helps us train them which results in quality work.

What is your technician qualification?

Our technicians are qualified plumbers. Our helpers are professionally trained by our organization.

Will you visit again to check whether the waterproofing done was a success or not?

Yes, there is a 90 day after the home inspection is done.

Do you provide waterproofing serviceMumbai only or Secunderabad too?

Yes, we do provide waterproofing services in Secunderabad too.

Will you break the wall to find the leakage?

No, there will be no breakage of the wall. We stop your leakage without doing much destruction. That is why we are among the best waterproofing companies in Mumbai.

Is your waterproofing process a permanent solution?

Yes, our waterproofing lasts for more than 15 to 20 years. If maintained well you can forget about the bad days when you used to have leakages in your home.

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Waterproofing services in Mumbai

Waterproofing services in Mumbai

Waterproofing contractors in Mumbai

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