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About Us

Our professional waterproofing team provides all waterproofing services including:

Wall Dampness

Terace Waterproofing

Home Inspection

Paint Peal Off

Celling Leakage

Tank Waterproofing

In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

Quality Waterproofing Services

Free Councultancy

Guranteed Work

Professional Waterproofing in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi

Professional Thermography Report

Anual Thermography Suuvey After Work Done

Leakfoe Provides 3 Years Plus Waranty For The Professional Waterproofing Work Done In Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi


Professional Waterproofing Solutions In Pune

Leakfoe has an overall experience of 30 years in home inspection, waterproofing & renovation in Pune. Leakfoe provides its customer a guaranteed and quality waterproofing and home inspection service, which Leakfoe gives accountability to its customers; whenever our customers face a problem, our professional technicians will be there at our customer's doorsteps whether they are facing wall dampness, ceiling leakage, terrace waterproofing, home inspection or any problem that is related to waterproofing with a single call. We provide our customers with honest, reliable, and Quality Workmanship. In these 30 years of service, Leak foe has covered over 3000 happy and satisfied customers. The secret behind Leakfoe's success in waterproofing and home inspection in Pune is because of its skilled and professional team. Leakfoe is one of the best waterproofing contractors in Pune, providing its customers a clear-cut solution to their waterproofing issues(wall dampness, kitchen waterproofing, ceiling leakage, basement leakage, home inspection, etc.).

Most homeowners fail to realize how serious wall dampness and ceiling leakage is until something goes wrong that causes major damages to the home and takes a tremendous amount to repair the damages caused due to leakage. Without the right waterproofing professional to tend to your system's needs, the consequences can be catastrophic. Avoid water damage to your Pune home and property by trusting the knowledgeable Leakfoe waterproofing Contractor.

From leak detection to bathroom seepage solution and everything in between, there's no job too tricky for the Leakfoe team to handle. Solve the wall dampness in your home by contacting our team for the expert services you need today!

Our Pune Waterproofing Services

No matter what your waterproofing issues may be, our team has the skills and experience necessary to address them in no time. Our licensed and certified master waterproofing team proudly offer the following services throughout the Pune region:

  • Root Cause Detection: There should be no blind assumption that should be made while waterproofing your home. We detect the root cause causing the leakage seepage and stop it from the root with minimal breakage(Our smart solution involves 90% mechanical and 10% chemical process, which makes our approach unique and successful).
  • Thermography Leak Detection: Our thermography leak detection help to detect leakage and minimize the cost of treating waterproofing solution. Thermography leak detection helps to reduce the chance of breakage detection.
  • Kitchen Waterproofing: Weird things happen in the kitchen. Just a single spot of wet surface in the kitchen can make you lose your favorite dish and suffer a lifetime consequential accident through tripping. A recent report by EPA shows that one trillion gallons of water go to waste through household pipes leakages. According to the same report, it is even better to have one explosive and easily identifiable leak than a slow hidden one.
  • Annual Home Inspection: We don't leave our customers with a blind end once our waterproofing services are done. We conduct a thermography survey once the waterproofing and water tightening is done this assures the process was a success and can confidently invest in repairing the damages.
  • Bathroom Waterproofing: Leakfoe is specialized in Complete Bathroom waterproofing, bathroom backflow water testing, and removing technology. We offer a complete bathroom sanitation service as a part of the overall we are promising you the fully waterproofed and water tightened living space. Again Home inspection plays an avital role in diagnosing sanitary seepage.
  • Balcony Waterproofing: Balcony waterproofing is needed for preserving any area underneath the balcony from any perennial water ingression damage. In areas susceptible to snow or frequent rainfall waterproofing the balcony surfaces is an essential part of the building works and cannot be taken light-heartedly.

When it comes to ceiling leakage, wall dampness, or bathroom seepage, it's always best to call in the professionals you need to get the job done right. Stop your leakage issue by contacting the Leakfoe Waterproofing contractors today!

Why Choose Leakfoe waterproofing solution?

For more than 20 years, Leakfoe waterproofing contractors have delivered fast, reliable waterproofing services that Pune families can trust. From ceiling leakage, wall dampness to permanent waterproofing and everything in between, our team has the skills and expertise necessary to resolve all your waterproofing issues. When you select our team for service, you'll always receive:

  • Free, in-person, 20-minute waterproofing service consultation
  • Up-front, honest pricing
  • Clear, consistent customer communication
  • High-quality waterproofing services that meet your needs - guaranteed
  • On-time, tidy service professionals deeply familiar with Pune waterproofing services.

Your home deserves the best waterproofing services available. When dampness problems arise in your Pune home, allow our team to provide the long-lasting services you need to restore system functionality. Contact Leakfoe professional to schedule a root cause detecting waterproofing services with our team today.

Schedule Waterproofing Service in Pune

Whether you are facing leakages from the ceiling or your wall is affected by molds or your home is suffering dampness because of your adjacent flat or your upper flat, Leakfoe has the skilled professionals you need to get the waterproofing right. Trust the team and trust our process that's served more than +700 clients all around Pune for more than 20 years: Contact our waterproofing experts today to schedule a waterproofing solution in your home today! Whether you need help with terrace waterproofing, basement waterproofing, wall dampness, paint peel off, ceiling leakage, bathroom leakage, leakage through tiles, or for a professional home inspection Leakfoe has the skilled professionals you need to get the job done right.

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