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Kitchen Waterproofing Services

Building a new home is an adventure in discovering who you are, where you want to go, and how you want to live. Among many rooms, Kitchen is one of the joyful places at home where you spend time cooking, eating, or enjoying a family get-together and parties. Also, it is one of the most leak-prone spaces in your home too. According to a survey, leaky kitchen pipes cause significant water wastage every single year. If such leaks are undetected, it ruins the building foundation and the damage to the floors, ceilings, walls, cupboards, etc. The best solution to prevent the damages caused by the hidden leaky pipes is to waterproof the area where you suspect that leaks may happen.

Waterproofing is the process of applying a physical barrier to the floors and walls to prevent moisture penetration into the structure. It is considered essential to every building, whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial. It helps avoid crack formation, blistering or peeling off paint, mold, mildew growth, and significant risk of foundation collapse.

Why it's essential to hire a professional waterproofing contractor?

Waterproofing is one of the most important things yet neglected due to the cost or unawareness of its benefits. Water leakages are one of the universal problems that affect the exterior walls, roofs, and buildings but end up in the long term effect of structural damages. To avoid unnecessary stress, it's always better to hire waterproofing professionals who can provide services at a reasonable cost.

The benefits of hiring a professional waterproofing contractor are as follows :

1. You can hire trained and experienced professionals to find the root cause of the water leakages with ease. They also have the right skills and tools to face unexpected issues and come with a better solution.

2. They will provide efficient and cost-effective waterproofing services using the latest technologies in the waterproofing industry. This helps the homeowners or the building contractors easily find out the hidden leakages, which helps to waterproof the Kitchen smartly.

3. The professional waterproofing contractors provide high-quality materials and services with the work warranty. This helps the homeowners to finish the quality work at an affordable cost and protect the structure from potential damages.

4. They will explain the detailed quotation based on the water damages and the services provided by them. This will help the owners to plan the budget accordingly.

5. Some of the waterproofing contractors provide the insured services that help avoid monetary losses if any damages happen during the waterproofing process.

6. It saves the cost, and hiring the best waterproofing contractor helps prevent future expenses by protecting your property from water leakages over a long time.

7. The professionals will conduct the survey and inspect hot spots and water leak-prone areas using humidity measurements, visual inspection, and testing. Then, they will start their work after finding the root cause of the problem, which is of great advantage.

Some of the ways to waterproof your kitchen areas are as follows :

1. Waterproofing under the kitchen sink: If there is any leakage in the kitchen sink or the kitchen pipes and waterproofing tile is tedious, the other simple way is to use the weather tech company'scompany's customized waterproof floor mats. This helps to protect the cabinets or floors under the sink from spills or leaks.

2. Waterproofing under the sink cabinets: If the kitchen sink pipe gasket blows off, the water leaks under the cabinets, making a vast water logging issue. To overcome this, you can line up the bottom of the sink using a vinyl tile and secure the gaps around the pipes using the DAP Kwik seal caulking.

3. Replacing the old faucets and pipes: It is essential to frequently check for any old corrosive pipes or damaged pipes like cracks or holes and taps to prevent significant repair costs. It would help if you acted proactively to fix the issue or replace the plumbing items with a low-cost security blanket. This helps to prevent significant distress when water is flowing all over the place.

4. Waterproofing the kitchen storage cabinets: If the kitchen cabinets are made of wood, you can use linseed oil / Tung oil and seal the wood with the layer of polyurethane or lacquer that finally ends up with the stain sealants.

5. Waterproofing the wooden countertops: The old or outdated kitchen countertops have to be replaced or repaired with waterproofing paint to the cracked surface. It is the process of first sanding the surface, applying the primer, a coating of waterproofing paint, and finally, a clear coat of varnish. You can also use a dense foam roller coated with many layers of polyurethane. This helps to keep the counter safe from leaks and spills.

6. Waterproofing the kitchen floors: The kitchen floor is the frequent water spillage place where the water gets accumulated and damage the adjacent walls and floor. To prevent this, the kitchen floor has to be waterproofed using the vinyl waterproofing material.

7. Waterproofing the backsplash area: while using the Kitchen, check for the cracks around the sink or the backsplash area. If it is present, it leads to water leakages beneath the sink and inside the sink cabinets. To overcome this, periodically look at the caulking around the sink and the backsplash area and fix it immediately using a tube of caulk. Also, cover the walls adjacent to the backsplashes using the waterproofing material or a membrane.

8. Seal/caulk Everything: you can seal all the vulnerable wet areas of the Kitchen using a liquid application of polyurethane for a complete waterproofing solution.

As Kitchen and its auxiliary rooms are exposed frequently to humidity and wear conditions over the day, it needs long-term protection. Marisela 260 is a liquid-applied, one-component polyurethane membrane made on pure elastomeric hydrophobic resins. This material is excellent to waterproof the wet areas ( under-tile ) with its high water-resistant, thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties. It makes every Kitchen a happy place to gather and offer a decorative look for fun cooking.

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